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New In School - Frerard 1
Frank's POV
I sighed as I entered my new school. I looked around in the hall trying to find a door were there stood 'Principal office' on. I ignored the people staring at me and started walking. I heard a few people whisper as I walked by them, but I didn't care, I knew I looked different from them and was used to people stereotyping. To them I was just the little weird emo guy.
After a while I still hadn't found the office and I guess I must have looked pretty lost, 'cause I felt someone poking my shoulder. I turned around and saw a girl smiling at me. Her hair was jet black with pigtails and her teeth shining white like those people in the toothpaste commercials. She was wearing a red skirt and over her black T-shirt was a leatherjacket. Her face was all around cute.
"Hey man, whatcha looking for?" she asked still smiling, "What? Oh yearh, I'm looking for the principal's office" I said a bit confused and mentally face palmed myself for sounding so stupid.
"It's right down that hall"
:iconkilljoyechelon:KilljoyEchelon 55 54
Free Oneshots: Info Below
As of right now, I'm making oneshots for anyone who wants them, There is no true payment that I would like because I'm just starting out on deviant art. The only band fiction that I am doing fo the moment is: MCR, P!ATD, and the band of Adam Lambert  (Also known as the Glamberts).
Some of the pairings that I do:
Frikey (Frank Iero x Mikey Way)
GerZ (Gerard Way x Lindsey Way)
Frerard (Frank Iero x Gerard Way)
Rayrard (Ray Toro x Gerard Way)
Rikey (Ray Toro x Mikey Way)
Bobkey (Bob Bryar x Mikey Way)
Waycest (Gerard Way x Mikey Way)
Fraycest (Frank Iero x Mikey Way x Gerard Way)
Spendon (Brendon x Spencer )
Dalldon (Dallon x Brendon)
Rydon (Ryan x Brendon)
Adommy (Adam Lambert x Tommy Joe Ratliff)
Do NOT be afraid to ask me for another pairing!
Rating limits are:
Up to M:
For M stories; NO toilet play or anything of the sort. (Blood play, bondage, and voyeurism is okay)
Everything needs a prompt!
So just put that in your request :)
Also, I have some sort of problem as
:iconl0st-in-dr3ams:L0ST-IN-DR3AMS 6 85
Mature content
Heroic Horizon Ch. 22 :iconfrerardlove153:frerardlove153 7 21
Snow's Better :Frerard:
Rain… I love the rain. I love how the little cold droplets feel on your skin. I love the little beads of water sliding over your skin and dripping from your clothes.
   I walked down the deserted sidewalk. The neighborhood was still and silent, as if its residents were asleep. I knew they weren't because the lights from their houses cast a warm, gentle, pale yellow glow on the world.
   No one in this town appreciated the rain. No one dared go outside when it was pouring like this; not when it was this cold. No one but me that is.
   I tucked my hands in my coat pockets, burying them in the warm folds. I swung my legs in wide arcs as I strolled lazily down the street. I breathed in the thick scent of rain, feeling better than I had in days.
   "What are you doing out here?" an exasperated voice asked. I looked over my shoulder to see a figure huddled in a doorway. I turned to see him wrapping a scarf around his neck as if
:iconxvictoryxvenomx:XvictoryXvenomX 40 36
Mature content
I'm NOT okay- 9 :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 25 75
Frank Anthony Iero by Cheemicals Frank Anthony Iero :iconcheemicals:Cheemicals 2 0
Secret Admiration - Jalex
Secret Admiration - Jalex
Another day of boring school. Joy. Jack stepped off the yellow bus and began to slowly trudge up to the doors of the massive grey building. Wandering past the jocks and the cheerleaders, he ignored the harsh comments made at him and walked over to where his locker was. He tapped in the combination and it sprung open easily. Jack blinked. Usually he had to hit it to make it open. Shrugging the luck off, he looked in his locker and his eyes landed on something that definately wasn't his. A small red rose and a small white card with 'Sing me to sleep, I'll see you in my dreams...'. Jack blushed.
Alex's eyes scanned the hallway and spotted Jack shutting his locker; he wove his way through the masses of other bodies and stopped next to his taller friend.
"Hey dude, what's up?" he asked; seeing the shocked look on Jack's face.
Jack snapped out of his little trance and looked at Alex. "Uh...The ceiling?" He said weakly, a small smile on his face
:iconviolent-vengence:Violent-Vengence 32 10
Mature content
WeStitchTheseWounds Ch. 12 :iconpornographic-potato:pornographic-potato 8 6
Mature content
Dead Man Walking- 6 :iconthechimnysweep:TheChimnySweep 16 58
Mature content
Senior Year ch.5 - Jalex :iconmoose-on-a-jew:moose-on-a-jew 11 9
Mature content
A Love That's so Demanding: 8 :icondistortednostalgia:distortednostalgia 6 2
Run Away With Me - Frerard
"Run away with me," you said.
So I packed my bags and waited at the station.
Ten minutes. Fifteen. Twenty. Half an hour.
We'd missed the last train.
But you'd said "Run away with me."
An hour. Two. Three. It was raining and dark and cold.
But you'd said "Run away with me."
Four. Five. Six. I'd called you so many times. No answer.
But you'd said "Run away with me."
Seven. She'd come out looking for me. She found me and made me come back.
But you'd said "Run away with me."
I made her stop outside your house. I looked in the window.
You were sat there on the sofa watching TV. With her.
But you'd said "Run away with me."
I kicked over plant pots. I trampled your perfect little front lawn. I destroyed the flowers that you grew there until she dragged me back to the car.
But you'd said "Run away with me."
I slept in the spare room that night and every night that week. I wouldn't leave. By the second day, she gave up and brought my food in for
:icongothicaway:GothicaWay 47 51
Mature content
On Our Own-6 :iconbeyondebirthdai:BeyondeBirthdai 4 2
Light My Fire - Frerard Ch. 1
~Frank's P.O.V~
I was nervous about how Gerard will respond. I was meeting him at an Italian restaurant, and again, I was really nervous. My hands were shaking in fear. Gerard arrives at the restaurant, and he walks over to me, and has his lips connect with mine.
"Hello, beautiful!" he says. "Hello, hot stuff!" I responded. He gives me another kiss, and sits down next to me. Our servant comes and takes our orders. I ordered the Lasagna, and Gerard ordered the same. We are enjoying our food, and I finished eating before Gerard finished eating.
"That was some kickass lasagna!" he says. "I agree. That was really good." "What's wrong Frankie?" "I'm just a little cold, that's all." But I wasn't cold. My hands were shaking in fear again, and Gerard hugged me with his body heat. Even though I wasn't cold, his warm body heat made me shudder a little bit. "Are you feeling better, Frankie?" "Yeah. I'm feeling better, Gee. I feel more better by being in your arms." "Aww. Thanks, babe. I love you,
:iconpopgirl2112:popgirl2112 21 7
Hotel Monsters -Frerard
"I still don't see why Brian won't take the stick out of his ass about the hotel room; I mean, two different rooms- two to bed; how's that such a big fuckin' deal? We used to pile up in the back of a van, for Chrissake. So what if the dipshits on the phone fucked up; he knows we'll get something out of it in the end anyway," I said. Frank was just shutting the door behind us, pulling his over-sized luggage in with him and dropping it clumsily into a nook in the wall. He was breathing heavily.
"Yeah-" He breathed, "No, big, deal." He dropped backwards onto the bed, sprawling out dramatically and closing his eyes.
I chuckled at him, and put my bags with his. I didn't blame him a bit; it was one O'clock  in the morning, and we'd been on the road and in the air since 7:00am.
"Well Jesus, I can see that you don't mind. I guess I'll just sleep on the floor here, asshole," I joked, whipping at his exposed side with the sweatshirt in my hands.
"Ouch!" he giggled. He curled up
:iconimnotthe10thstar:ImNotThe10thStar 37 23
Mature content
That Kid - Frerard 8 :iconkilljoyechelon:KilljoyEchelon 29 47




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